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JUSTICE Martin S. Villarama, Jr.

Justice Martin S. Villarama, Jr. has been serving as Court of Appeals Justice for over a decade when he was appointed on November 3, 2009 as the 166th member of the Supreme Court.

Justice Villarama obtained his Bachelor of Laws degree from the Manuel L. Quezon University (MLQU) after completing BS in Business Administration from De La Salle University.

His appointment as SC Justice is a homecoming of sorts having begun his law career in 1970 as a technical assistant in the Legal Research Division (now Office of the Chief Attorney) of the High Court. He then later worked as legal counsel/corporate secretary for various companies.

In 1986, he rejoined the Judiciary after being appointed Regional Trial Court Judge of Pasig City. He served as its Executive Judge from 1992 to 1996. He was a recipient of the Ulirang Ama Award for Law and Judiciary and the Katangi-tanging Anak ng Angat, Bulacan Award in 2003.

On March 11, 1998, he was promoted to the CA where he had served as chair of its Fifth Division and supervising justice of the Judicial Records Division.

He has served as examiner of Labor and Social Legislation in the 2004 Bar Examinations. He has also received recognition as one of the justices with zero or least pending cases during the 71st anniversary of the CA in 2007.

Justice Villarama is also a member of the SC Sub-Committee on the Revision of Rules on Criminal Procedure and a lecturer in the School of Law of MLQU.

He has attended the 36th Program of Instruction for Lawyers conducted by Harvard Law School’s Faculty at Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA, among others.  

En Banc Clerk of Court Atty. Ma. Luisa Dizon-Villarama. They have two children: Dra. Clarissa D. Villarama-Cellona, a dermatologist, and Carlo D. Villarama, a court attorney.