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Updated as of 6 August 2019

Mailing Address:
Padre Faura St., Ermita, Manila
Philippines 1000


Email Addresses:    For questions related to published decisions, resolutions, and other general information about the Supreme Court For comments or questions on lawyers, judges, and non-judge judiciary workers (which will be referred to the appropriate offices) For invitations for the Chief Justices, the Senior Associate Justice and the Associate Justices of the Court to conferences and forums (which will be referred to the appropriate Chambers) For feedback on the website and its content For questions, requests, comments on all other matters not covered by the above, including request for court tours



Name Designation/Position Contact No.
Atty. Edgar O. Aricheta Clerk of Court En Banc (02) 5249560
(02) 5254058
Telefax (02) 5253208
Atty. Librada C. Buena First Division Clerk of Court (02) 5250717
Atty. Ma. Lourdes C. Perfecto Second Division Clerk of Court (02) 5246919
Atty. Wilfredo V. Lapitan Third Division Clerk of Court (02) 5230823
Atty. Brian Keith F. Hosaka Assistant Court Administrator and Chief
Public Information Office
(02) 5225094
(02) 5225090
Atty. Basilia T. Ringol Deputy Clerk of Court and Chief of Office
Judicial Records Office
(02) 5236464 Judgment Division
(02) 5218026 Docket Receiving
(02) 5246607
Atty. Ma. Cristina B. Layusa Deputy Clerk of Court and Bar Confidant
Office of the Bar Confidant
Hon. Jose Catral Mendoza JBC Regular Member representing the Retired Supreme Court Justices and Executive Committee Chairperson
Judicial and Bar Council
(02) 5529597
Hon. Noel Gimenez Tijam

JBC Regular Member representing the Academe
Judicial and Bar CouncilJudicial and Bar Council

(02) 5529503
Atty. Franklin J. Demonteverde Sr. JBC Regular Member representing the Integrated Bar of the Philippines
Judicial and Bar Council
(02) 5529506
Hon. Toribio E. Ilao, Jr. JBC Regular Member representing the Private Sector
Judicial and Bar Council
(02) 5529509
Atty. Annaliza Ty-Capacite JBC Executive Officer
Judicial and Bar Council
(02) 5529608
Atty. Socorro D'Marie T. Inting Chief
Office of Recruitment, Selection and Nomination, Judicial and Bar Council
(02) 5529612
Atty. Leah P. Laja-Otto Acting Chief
Office of Policy and Development Research, Judicial and Bar Council
(02) 5529611
Ms. Ursula Editha O. San Pedro Chief
Office of Administrative and Financial Services, Judicial and Bar Council
(02) 5529607
Mr. Joselito N. Enriquez Officer-in-Charge
Management Information Systems Office
(02) 5529622
(02) 5529624 SPPED Technical
(02) 5257157
(02) 5257164 Satellite Office
(02) 5257223 EDP
(02) 5237672
(02) 5258178
Justice Adolfo S. Azcuna Chancellor
Philippine Judicial Academy
(02) 5529514
Justice Romeo J.  Callejo, Sr. Vice-Chancellor
Philippine Judicial Academy
(02) 5529516
Justice Marina L. Buzon Executive Secretary
Philippine Judicial Academy
(02) 5529518
Justice Delilah Vidallon-Magtolis Chief
Academic Affairs Office, Philippine Judicial Academy
(02) 5529520
Prof. Sedfrey M. Candelaria Chief
Research, Publication and Linkages Office, Philippine Judicial Academy
(02) 5529525
Atty. Elmer DG. Eleria Chief
Administrative Office, Philippine Judicial Academy
(02) 5266192
Vacant Chief
Philippine Mediation Center Office, Philippine Judicial Academy
(02) 5368667
Mr. Romulo M. Abancio Chief
PHILJA Training Center, Philippine Judicial Academy
(046) 4131232
Atty. Maria Carina M. Cunanan Deputy Clerk of Court and Chief Administrative Officer
Office of Administrative Services
(02) 5529534
Atty. Edna B. Camba Deputy Clerk of Court and Chief of Office
Office of the Reporter
(02) 5529557
Atty. Maria Victoria Gleoresty Sp. Guerra Deputy Clerk of Court and Chief Attorney
Office of the Chief Attorney
(02) 5529566
Atty. Laura C.H. del Rosario Deputy  Clerk of Court and Judicial Reform Program Administrator
Program Management Office
(02) 5529579
Atty. Corazon G. Ferrer-Flores Deputy Clerk of Court and Chief of Office
Fiscal Management and Budget Office
(02) 5257792
Dr. Prudencio P. Banzon, Jr. Chief
Medical Services
(02) 5232336
Mr. Ponciano M. Santiago, Jr. Chief Judicial Staff Officer
Printing Services
(02) 5232354
Atty. Joyce Jazmin G. Dimaisip-Cunanan Acting SC Senior Chief Staff Officer
Library Services
(02) 5242706
Justice Minerva Gonzaga Reyes (ret.) Chairperson
Mandatory Continuing Legal Education Office
(02) 6877349
(02) 6376268
Hon. Jose Midas P. Marquez Court Administrator (02) 5257143
Hon. Raul B. Villanueva Deputy Court Administrator (02) 5236277
Hon. Jenny Lind R. Aldecoa-Delorino Deputy Court Administrator (02) 2522620
Hon. Leo T. Madrazo Deputy Court Administrator (082) 2977845
Hon. Lilian Barribal-Co Assistant Court Administrator (02) 5247496
Hon. Maria Regina Adoracion Filomena M. Ignacio Assistant Court Administrator (02) 5368282
Atty. Wilhelmina D. Geronga Chief
Legal Office, Office of the Court Administrator
(02) 5234884
Atty. Marina B. Ching Chief
Court Management Office, Office of the Court Administrator
(02) 5369040
Atty. Ruby Esteban-Garcia Chief
Financial Management Office, Office of the Court Administrator
(02) 5369265
Atty. Caridad A. Pabello Chief
Office of Administrative Services, Office of the Court Administrator
(02) 5369037
Atty. Raquel M. Ladrillano Chief
Office on Halls of Justice, Office of the Court Administrator
(02) 5529589