January 2010

G.R. No. 177152. January 6, 2010

The People of the Philippines Vs. Manuel Bagos

G.R. No. 177295. Janaury 6, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Marlon Barsaga Abella

G.R. No. 187635. January 11, 2010

Mateo R. Nollen, Jr. Vs. Commission on Elections and Susana M. Caballes

G.R. No. 189034. January 11, 2010

Celestino A. Martinez III Vs. House of Representatives Electoral Tribunal and Benhur L. Salimbangon

G.R. No. 163271. January 15, 2010

Spouses Patricio and Myrna Bernales Vs. Heirs of Julian Sambaan, et al.

G.R. No. 164436. January 15, 2010

Littie Sarah A. Agdeppa, et al. Vs. Heirs of Ignacio Benete, represented by Doroteo Bonete, et al.

G.R. No. 164673. January 15, 2010

Samuel Lee, et al. Vs. KBC Bank N.V. (Formerly Kredietbank, N.V.)

G.R. No. 165408. January 15, 2010

Jaime T. Torres Vs. China Banking Corporation

G.R. No. 167874. January 15, 2010

Spouses Carmen Tongson and Jose Tongson Vs. Emergency Pawnshop Bula, Inc. et al.

G.R. No. 167891. January 15, 2010

Sps. Jesus Fajardo and Emer Fajardo Vs. Anita R. Flores, assisted by her husband, Bienvenido Flores

G.R. No. 168970. January 15, 2010

Celestino Balus Vs. Saturnino Balus and Leonarda Balus vda. De Calunod

G.R. No. 172287. January 15, 2010

Welfredo Ceneze Vs. Feliciana Ramos

G.R. No. 175319. January 15, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Joselito Noque y Gomez

G.R. No. 176831. January 15, 2010

Uy Kiao Eng Vs. Nixon Lee

G.R. No. 178318. January 15, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Edgardo Estrada

G.R. No. 179761. January 15, 2010

Catmon Sales International Corporation Vs. Atty. Manuel D. Yngson, Jr. as Liquidator of Catmon Sales International Corporation

G.R. No. 188561. January 15, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Felipe Ayade y Pulod

A.M. No. RTJ-08-2152. January 18, 2010

Luminza Delos Reyes Vs. Judge Danilo S. Cruz and Clerk of Court V Godolfo R. Gundran, Both of Reginal Trail Court, Branch 152, Pasig City

G.R. No. 185112. January 18, 2010

Department of Labor and Employment, et al. Vs. Ruben Y Maceda

G.R. No. 185121. January 18, 2010

Limanch-O Hotel and Leasing Corporation, et al. Vs. City of Ologapo, et al.

A.M. No. RTJ-07-2045. January 19, 2010

Office of the Court Administrator Vs. Judge Harun B. Ismael

G.R. No. 174198. January 19, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Zaida Kamad y Ambing

G.R. No. 177727. January 19, 2010

Harold V. Tamargo Vs. Romulo Awingan, Lloyd Antiporda and Licerio Antiporda, Jr.

G.R. No. 180764. January 19, 2010

Titus B. Villanueva Vs. Emma M. Rosqueta

G.R. No. 185222. January 19, 2010

Jesus M. Calo Vs. Commission on Elections and Ramon "Monching RMC" M. Calo

G.R. No. 164506. January 19, 2010

Paulino M. Alecha and Precioso M. Tapitan Vs. Elmer Ben V. Pasion, et al.

G.R. No. 185710. January 19, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Romulo Tuniaco, et al., (Accused) Alex Aleman (Appelant)

A.M. No. P-05-2085. January 20, 2010

Gerardo Q. Ferreras Vs. Rudy P. Eclipse, utility Worker I, Regional Trial Court, Branch 66, Baler, Aurora

G.R. No. 174356. January 20, 2010

Evelina G. Chavez, et al. Vs. Court of Appeals and Atty. Fidela Y Vargas

G.R. No. 184122. January 20, 2010

Bank of the Philippines Islands, Inc. Vs. Sps. Norman and Angelina Yu, et al.

G.R. No. 167976. January 20, 2010

Rosario T. Florendo Vs. Paramount Insurance Corp.

G.R. No. 185240. January 20, 2010

Sps. Manuel and Victoria Salimbangon Vs. Sps. Santos and Erlinda Tan

G.R. No. 169741. January 20, 2010

Greenhills East Association, Inc. Vs. E. Ganzon, Inc.

G.R. No. 174584. January 20, 2010

Victoria P. Cabral Vs. Jacinto Uy, et al.

A.M. No. 06-3-07-SC. January 21, 2010

Re: Request for the approval of the revised qualification standard for Project Development Officer V and Human Resource Management Office III in the Program Management Office

G.R. No. 159835. January 21, 2010

The Board of Commissioners of the Bureau of Immigration and Deportation Vs. Jung Keun Park @ Jung Geun Park @ Chung Keun Park

G.R. No. 164152. January 21, 2010

Commissioner of Internal Revenue Vs. Julieta Ariete

G.R. No. 167464. January 21, 2010

Ronnie Sumbillo, et al. Vs. People of the Philippines

G.R. No. 169438. January 21, 2010

Romeo D. Mariano Vs. Petron Corporation

G.R. No. 177114. January 21, 2010

Manolo A. Peñaflor Vs. Outdoor Clothing Manufacturing Corporation, et al.

G.R. No. 179085. January 21, 2010

Tambunting Pawnshop, Inc. Vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

G.R. No. 179343. January 21, 2010

Fishwealth Canning Corporation Vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

G.R. No. 179868. January 21, 2010

Rizaldy M. Quitoriano Vs. Jebsens Maritime, Inc./Ma. Theresa Gutay and/or Atle Jebsens Management A/S

G.R. No. 181083. January 21, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Herminigildo Salle Sobusa

G.R. No. 181591. January 21, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Christopher De Jesus

G.R. No. 183810. January 21, 2010

Farley Fulache, et al. Vs. ABS-CBN Broadcasting Corporation

G.R. No. 188360. January 21, 2010

Sps. Heber & Charlita Edillo Vs. Sps. Norberto 7 Desideria Dulpina

G.R. No. 179161. January 22, 2010

Philippine National Bank Vs. DKS International, Inc. and Michael Dy

G.R. No. 180374. January 22, 2010

Bienvenido T. Buada, et al. Vs. Cement Center, Inc.

G.R. No. 180870. January 22, 2010

Julius Cacao y Prieto Vs. People of the Philippines

G.R. No. 182722. January 22, 2010

Dumaguete Cathedral Credit Cooperative (DCCCO), represented by Felicidad L. Ruiz, its General Manager Vs. Commissioner of Internal Revenue

G.R. No. 188078. January 25, 2010

Victorino Aldaba, et al. Vs. Commission on Elections

Dissenting Opinion

J. Abad

G.R. No. 157659. January 25, 2010

Eligio P. Mallari Vs. Government Service Insurance System and the Provincial Sheriff of Pampanga

G.R. No. 171586. January 25, 2010

National Power Corporation Vs. Province of Quezon and Municipalilty of Pagbilao

G.R. No. 179909. January 25, 2010

Far East Bank and Trust Company (Now Bank of the Philippine Islands) and Rolando Borja, Deputy Sherrif Vs. Sps. Ernesto and Leonor C. Cayetano

A.M. No. P-09-2657. January 25, 2010

Benjamin E. Sanga Vs. Florencio SJ. Alcantara and Sales T. Bisnar

G.R. No. 149497. January 25, 2010

National Electrification Administration Vs. Civil Service Commission and Pedro Ramos

G.R. No. 170256. January 25, 2010

Alvin B. Garcia Vs. Commission on Elections and Tomas R. Osmeña

G.R. No. 183279. January 25, 2010

Land Bank of the Philippines Vs. Department of Agrarian Reform Adjudication Board and Heirs of Vicente Adaza, Heirs of Romeo Adaza, Heirs of Cesar Adaza, represented by Russel Adaza

G.R. No. 186471. January 25, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Rodante De Leon y Dela Rosa

G.R. No. 169858. January 26, 2010

Juanito Geronimo, et al. Vs. The Heirs of Carlito Geronimo represented by Angelito Geronimo

G.R. No. 171911. January 26, 2010

Bernarda CH. Osmeña Vs. Nicasio CH. Osmeña, et al.

G.R. No. 177138. January 26, 2010

People of the Philippines Vs. Joel Guillermo

A.M. No. CA-10-49-J. January 28, 2010

Ramon C. Gonzales Vs. Court of Appeals Associate Justice Amelita G. Tolentino