Media Advisory

November 14, 2018

Judge Nadine Jessica Corazon J. Fama
Regional Trial Court
Branch 79, Quezon City

Judge Loreto S. Alog, Jr.
Regional Trial Court
Branch 69, Lingayen, Pangasinan

Judge Elisa Sarmiento-Flores
Regional Trial Court
Branch 71, Pasig City

Judge Dorcas P. Ferriols-Perez
Regional Trial Court
Branch 84, Batangas

Judge Maria Bernardita J. Santos
Regional Trial Cour
Branch 35, Manila

Judge Ana Theresa T. Cornejo-Tomacruz
Metropolitan Trial Court
Branch 21, Manila

Judge Joel Socrates Lopena
Metropolitan Trial Court
Branch 33, Quezon City

Judge Ira Fritzie C. Cruz-Rojo
Municipal Trial Court
Branch 3, Antipolo City

Atty. Perpetua Socorro O. Enriquez-Belarmino
Regional Trial Court
Branch 8, Cebu City


The Judiciary honors nine of its own in the 2018 Judicial Excellence Awards ceremonies to be held tomorrow, November 8, 2018 at 4 p.m., Pandanggo Hall, Manila Hotel. The Judicial Excellence Awards is spearheaded by the Society for Judicial Excellence (SJE).

This year’s honorees, chosen from nominees nationwide, are Judge Nadine Jessica Corazon J. Fama of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 79, Quezon City as the Chief Justice Cayetano Arellano Awardee; Judge Loreto S. Alog, Jr. of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 69, Lingayen, Pangasinan as the Chief Justice Abad Santos Awardee; Judge Elisa Sarmiento-Flores of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 71, Pasig City, and Judge Dorcas P. Ferriols-Perez of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 84, Batangas, and Judge Maria Bernardita J. Santos of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 35, Manila as the Chief Justice Ramon Avanceña Awardees for the Outstanding Second-Level Court Judge category; Judge Ana Theresa T. Cornejo-Tomacruz of the Metropolitan Trial Court, Branch 21, Manila, and Judge Joel Socrates Lopena of the Metropolitan Trial Court, Branch 33, Quezon City as the Outstanding Metropolitan Trial Court Judge Awardees; Judge Ira Fritzie C. Cruz-Rojo of Municipal Trial Court, Branch 3, Antipolo City as the Outstanding Municipal Trial Court Judge Awardee for the Outstanding First-Level Court Judge category; and Atty. Perpetua Socorro O. Enriquez-Belarmino of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 8, Cebu City as the Outstanding Branch Clerk of Court (Single Sala) Awardee for the Second-Level Branch Clerk of Court category.

This year’s  Board of Judges is chaired by SC Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio with SC Associate Justice Diosdado M. Peralta, retired SC Associate Justices Romeo J. Callejo, Sr., Angelina Sandoval-Gutierrez, and Philippine Judicial Academy Chancellor Adolfo S. Azcuna, retired Court of Appeals Justice Aurora Santiago Lagman, retired Sandiganbayan Justice Raoul V. Victorino, Legal Education Board Chair Atty. Emerson P. Aquende, and Integrated Bar of the Philippines National President and Chair of the Board Atty. Abdiel Dan Elijah S. Fajardo  as members.

The Board of Trustees is composed of(Ret.) SC Justice Gutierrez as Acting Chairperson; (Ret.) SC Justice Callejo, Sr. as Vice-Chairperson;SC Justice Peralta, (Ret.) SC Justice Bernardo P. Pardo, CA Justices Mario V. Lopez, Myra V. Garcia-Fernandez, Apolinario D. Bruselas, Jr., and Manuel M. Barrios, (Ret.) CA Justices Lagman, Edgardo P. Cruz, and Myrna Dimaranan Vidal, SB Justice Oscar C. Herrera, Jr., (Ret.) Court Administrator Zenaida N. Elepaño, (Ret.) Judges Rosalina Luna Pison and Thelma A. Ponferrada, and Atty. Engracio M. Escasinas, Jr. as members.

Out of a total of 613 cases in her docket as of December 2016, consisting of 527 pending cases and 86 newly filed and revived cases, only 57 cases remained in Judge Fama’s court, designated as a special drugs court, as of December last year.  Judge Fama is also an active lecturer and facilitator in Judicial Dispute Resolution training programs of the Philippine Judicial Academy.

Judge Alog has been a recipient of the Award for Dedicated and Outstanding Service as a Clerk of Court for RTC, Branch 51, Tayug, Pangasinan, and Outstanding Past President Award from the Philippine Trial Judges League Inc., Pangasinan Chapter. Rising above his physical disability caused by polio, Judge Alog went on to win the bronze medal twice in the Accounting Cycle Category of the International Abilympics, first in Hongkong and later in Perth, Australia.

Judge Sarmiento-Flores introduced automated hearings in her court proceedings and pioneered the use of live-link technology allowing child witnesses to testify from a location outside the courtroom which lowered the trial duration and increased her case disposal and overall court efficiency. By the end of 2017, Judge Sarmiento-Flores has reduced by 76% her active pending criminal cases, from 163 to 39.

Judge Ferriols-Perez rose from the ranks in her public service career in the judiciary. She started out as a Court Legal Researcher at the Municipal Trial Court in Cities (MTCC) Branch 1, Batangas City, was promoted as Branch Clerk of Court therein, and as fate would have it, after his stint as a Public Attorney at the Public Attorney’s Office, later appointed Presiding Judge of the same court. She was designated as Executive Judge (EJ) of the MTCCs in Batangas until her promotion as Presiding Judge of the RTC Branch 84, Batangas City. Despite being the most junior RTC judge in Batangas City then, she was also designated as the EJ of the RTCs in Batangas from September 2016 to September 2018.

Judge Santos’ stellar performance as a judge earned her many awards, including Most Outstanding MeTC Judge of Manila in 2008 and Most Outstanding RTC Judge of Manila in 2018.

Judge Cornejo-Tomacruz had been a Court Attorney in various offices of Associate Justices at the Supreme Court for over 11 years when she was appointed as Metropolitan Trial Court (MeTC) Judge in 2012. An asset to the Bench, she was named Outstanding Metropolitan Trial Court (MeTC) Judge of Manila and was also a finalist for the 2015 Judicial Excellence Awards for First Level Court Judges. Aside from her judicial and administrative work, Judge Cornejo-Tomacruz also serves as a facilitator during seminars on Gender Sensitivity Training in the Judiciary organized by the SC Committee on Gender Responsiveness in the Judiciary.

Judge Lopena is the First-Vice Executive Judge of the MeTC of Quezon City, the Vice-Chairperson of the Supreme Court’s jail decongestion reform program Task Force Katarungan at Kalayaan in Quezon City and a member of the Records Disposal Committee of Regional Trial Courts in Quezon City. As of March 31, 2018, as the presiding judge of a designated tax and election court of Metropolitan Trial Court in Quezon City in 2013, Judge Lopena has only 369 cases left pending at Branch 33 notwithstanding the large volume of cases filed every year.

Judge Cruz-Rojo is making a name for herself by impressively reducing her active civil case docket by 86% with only 18 cases pending by end of December 2017. Upon her appointment to the Bench as a Judge, as Vice Executive Judge and eventually as Executive Judge, Judge Cruz-Rojo tried to break new ground by introducing programs that promoted wellness, fostered camaraderie, and enhanced communications among first-level courts.

Atty. Enriquez-Belarmino is described as “a rarity in the public service [because] despite the overwhelming workload, she always maintains a pleasant equanimity without any behavioral or attitude problems.” Atty. Enriquez-Belarmino worked in the private sector as an associate lawyer with Palma and Ybañez and then as a law partner at J.C. Palma and Partners. She started her government career as a Legal Officer III at the Cebu City Attorney’s Office before joining the Judiciary as Clerk of Court V, of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 15, Cebu City, and currently as Clerk of Court V of the Regional Trial Court, Branch 8, Cebu City. Atty. Enriquez-Belarmino is currently an active member of the IBP, Cebu City Chapter, Fideracion Internacional de Abogadas, and Cebu Lady Lawyers Association. She was awarded as One of the Outstanding High School Students for Cebu for 1980.