This Month in History


2 – In 1847, the Court’s 1st Associate Justice and its 1st Chief Justice, Hon. Cayetano S. Arellano, was born.

– SC designates 99 Regional Trial Courts (RTCs) nationwide as special courts to hear, try and decide cases involving extrajudicial killings in 2007.

6 – Hon. Lourdes Paredes-San Diego is appointed the first woman Presiding Justice of the Court of Appeals in 1980

 – Chief Justice Ramon C. Aquino resigns in 1986 upon the request of the administration of President Corazon C. Aquino

7 – A Provisional Law on the Judiciary is passed by the Malolos Congress in 1899

10 – The Court of Appeals is abolished in 1945 (EO 37)

11 – The “Parity Amendment” to the 1935 Constitution is ratified in a plebiscite in 1947

12 – The Philippine Judicial Academy is established with Hon. Ameurfina A. Melencio Herrera as Chancellor in 1996 (SC-AO 35-96)

14 – The RP-US Military Bases Agreement is signed by President Manuel A. Roxas and US Ambassador Paul V. McNutt in 1947

17 – President Ramon Magsaysay dies in a plane crash in 1957

18 – Vice President Carlos P. Garcia is sworn in as President of the Philippines in 1957

20 – Chief Justice Manuel V. Moran retires in 1951

 – In 1987, the Supreme Court strikes down Executive Order 626-A, which banned transportation and slaughter of carabaos, as unconstitutional in G.R. No. 74457 (Ynot v. Intermediate Appellate Court)

22 – Gen. Emilio F. Aguinaldo takes his oath as President of the Revolutionary Government in 1897

24 – The Tydings-McDuffie Act (Public Act 127) is signed by US President Franklin D. Roosevelt in 1934

25 – President Corazon C. Aquino issues Proclamation No. 1, directing “all public officials to submit their courtesy resignations beginning with the members of the Supreme Court” in 1986

– Proclamation No. 3 providing for the “Freedom Constitution” is issued in 1986

– The jurisdiction of Metropolitan Trial Courts (MeTCs), Municipal Trial Courts (MTCs), and Municipal Circuit Trial Courts (MCTCs) is expanded in 1994 (RA 7691)

30 – Maria V. Francisco is the first woman admitted to the Bar in 1911

31 – In 1993, the Court’s 90th Associate Justice and its 15th Chief Justice, Hon. Ramon C. Aquino, passed away.