This Month in History


1 – The Court of Appeals is established in 1936 by Commonwealth Act No. 3


– The 1987 Constitution is ratified by the Filipino electorate with an overwhelming “yes” vote in February 1987

– Proc. No. 211 declares February 2 of every year as “Constitution Day” in 1998

3 – The Spanish law of civil procedure is extended to the Philippines in 1888

4 – The Philippine-American War begins with the shooting by an American sentry of a Filipino soldier at the San Juan Del Monte Bridge in 1899

– President Ferdinand E. Marcos signs PD 1083 (Code of Muslim Personal Laws of the Philippines) in 1977

6 – The U.S. Congress ratifies in 1899 the Treaty of Paris of December 10, 1898 by which Spain cedes the Philippines to the United States for the sum of $20 million

– The Customs Service is constituted and the Court of Customs Appeals is established in 1902

7 – Presidential “snap” elections between Ferdinand E. Marcos and Corazon C. Aquino are held in 1986

8 – The 1935 Constitution is adopted by the Constitutional Convention

14 – Philippine representation to the Spanish Cortes is granted in 1810

15 – Ferdinand E. Marcos is proclaimed President of the Philippines by the Batasang Pambansa in 1986

17 –  In 1891, the Court’s 38th Associate Justice and its 8th Chief Justice, Hon. Ricardo M. Paras, was born.

Chief Justice Ricardo M. Paras, Jr. retires in 1961


– In 1886, the Court’s 28th Associate Justice and its 5th Chief Justice, Hon. Jose B. Abad Santos, was born.

– In 1992, the Court’s 85th Associate Justice and its 14th Chief Justice, Hon. Felix V. Makasiar, passed away.

22 – The People Power Revolution starts at EDSA in 1986

23 – The jurisdiction of the Court of Appeals is expanded in 1995 (RA 7902)


– Proclamation No. 555 s. 2018 declares February 25, 2019 as a special non-working day

– In 1852, the Court’s 6th Associate Justice and its 2nd Chief Justice, Hon. Victorino M. Mapa, was born.

– President Corazon C. Aquino takes her oath of office before Supreme Court Justice Claudio S. Teehankee, Sr. in 1986

26 – The law establishing the Philippine Judicial Academy (RA 8857) is passed in 1998

27 – The Commonwealth government is fully restored in 1945