This Month in History


1 – Hon. Ramon Q. Avanceña is appointed as 4th Chief Justice in 1925

– Chief Justice Cayetano L. Arellano retires in 1920

2 – Hon. Ricardo M. Paras, Jr. is appointed as 8th Chief Justice in 1951

– Hon. Claudio S. Teehankee, Sr. is appointed as 16th Chief Justice in 1986

3 – In 1987, the Court’s 62nd Associate Justice and its 10th Chief Justice, Hon. Roberto B. Concepcion, passed away.


– Bataan falls to the Japanese Imperial Forces in 1942

11 – The Treaty of Paris, by which the Philippines was ceded by Spain to the US, is ratified by the US Senate in 1899

– In 1927, the Court’s 6th Associate Justice and its 2nd Chief Justice, Hon. Victorino M. Mapa, passed away.

– Chief Justice Jose Abad Santos is captured by the Japanese in Carcar, Cebu in 1942

13 – In 1872, the Court’s 18th Associate Justice and its 4th Chief Justice, Hon. Ramon Q. Avanceña, was born.

– The Rules of Procedure for Environmental Cases are issued in 2010

15 – President Manuel A. Roxas dies of a heart attack while delivering a speech at Clark Field, Pampanga in 1948

17 – Vice President Elpidio R. Quirino is sworn in as Philippine President

– Chief Justice Claudio S. Teehankee, Sr. retires in 1988


– In 1918, the Court’s 82nd Associate Justice and its 16th Chief Justice, Hon. Claudio S. Teehankee, was born.

– Chief Justice Roberto R. Concepcion retires in 1973

– Hon. Pedro L. Yap is appointed as 17th Chief Justice in 1988


– In 1979, the Court’s 78th Associate Justice and its 12th Chief Justice, Hon. Fred Ruiz Castro, passed away while on an official trip to India.

– In 2006, the Supreme Court upholds Executive Order 420 directing the adoption of a unified ID system for the government, ruling that it does not establish a national ID system but makes the existing sectoral card systems of government entities less costly, more efficient, reliable and user-friendly to the public in G.R. No. 167798 (Kilusang Mayo Uno vs. Director General)


– In 2006, the Supreme Court upholds the right of Congress to compel the appearance of executive officials in inquiries in aid of legislation by partially voiding Executive Order 464 but declared “valid on its face” the requirement for executive officials to secure the President’s consent before appearing during the question hour in G.R. Nos. 169777, 169659, 169660, 169667, 169834, & 171246 (Senate vs. Ermita)

22 – RA 9282 elevates the rank of the Court of Tax Appeals to the level of the Court of Appeals in 2004

23 – The Code of Criminal Procedure is issued in 1900 (General Order 58)

24 – In 2012, the Supreme Court writes finis to G.R. No. 171101 (Hacienda Luisita, Inc., et al. v. Presidential Agrarian Reform Council, et al.), ruling that there must be a total land distribution of the agricultural land of Hacienda Luisita, Inc. to its original farm worker-beneficiaries who, in turn, will pay just compensation based on the 1989 land valuation in an extended resolution in addition to its July 5, 2011 decision, as modified by its November 22, 2011 resolution

25 – In 2006, the Supreme Court declares as null and void the government’s policy of “Calibrated Preemptive Response” in rallies and upholds the requirement of a permit to rally under the Public Assembly Act of 1985 (BP 880) in G.R. Nos. 169838, 169848, & 169881 (Bayan et al. v. Ermita)

26 – War between the United States and Spain is formally declared in 1898

28 – Hon. Cesar C. Bengzon is appointed as 9th Chief Justice in 1961

29 – In 2016, the Court’s 150th Associate Justice and its 23rd Chief Justice, Hon. Renato C. Corona, passed away.

30 – Filipino women vote for the first time in a plebiscite on women’s suffrage in 1937