SC Suspends its Own Employee

February 5, 2020

True to its word that the Peralta Court will continue weeding out misfits in the Judiciary, the Supreme Court has suspended one of its employees who punched a male helper in the stall of one of the food concessionaires during the Court’s anniversary celebrations last year.

In a five-page decision penned by no less than Chief Justice Diosdado M. Peralta, the Court found Allan Christer C. Castillo, Driver I of the Motorpool Section, Property Division, Office of Administrative Services (OAS) guilty of Conduct Unbecoming of a Court Employee and suspended him without pay for one month and a day, with a stern warning that a similar act in the future would be dealt with more severely.

The weeding of errant Judiciary officials and personnel is included in Chief Justice Peralta’s Ten-Point Program.

Court records show on June 14, 2019, while the Court was celebrating its 118th  anniversary, Castillo hit the helper of the concessionaire selling food in stall space No. 85 inside the Court premises. The incident was recorded by one of the CCTV cameras in the SC.

The Court noted that based on the CCTV recording, the stall helper did not engage in any kind of banter or horseplay but was merely selling food contrary to Castillo’s claims. Castillo confronted him and argued with one of the women manning the stall before punching the former.

“Being an employee of the Supreme Court, a high degree of comportment and decorum is expected from the respondent. His acts, whether part of his official duties or in his private capacity, reflect upon the Court as an institution…. He had shown lack of decorum, propriety, and respect in his dealings with other people. His actuations also debased the public’s regard for the very institution for which he works, warranting administrative sanction. Any conduct that would be a bane to the public trust and confidence reposed in the Judiciary cannot be countenanced,” the Court stressed.

Under the 2017 Rules on Administrative Cases in the Civil Service, Castillo’s transgression may be penalized by one month and one day to six months for the first offense. Castillo has no bad record since he started work in the SC in 2015.

(A.M. No. 2019-08-SC, Re: Incident Report on the Alleged Improper Conduct of Allan Christer C. Castillo, Driver I, Motorpool Section, Property Division, Office of Administrative Services, January 15, 2020) 

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