Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin emphasizes the importance of having courthouses which “truly fulfill the nation’s obligation to deliver justice to every inhabitant of this country” and the quick enhancement of the physical and quality aspects of infrastructure in the Judiciary as part of his agenda during the Inauguration of the new Bulwagang Pangkatarungan ¬– Metropolitan Trial Court (MeTC) Building of Valenzuela City on February 18, 2019 in Malinta, Valenzuela City.
In behalf of the Judiciary, Chief Justice Bersamin also expressed gratitude to the city, stating that the new Hall of Justice (HOJ) “is the unassailable proof of the City’s commitment to the need for ensuring that the delivery of justice should forever remain speedy, efficient, and transparent.”
The building, which previously housed the Valenzuela Regional Trial Courts, was renovated and repurposed to serve as the new MeTC HOJ through the initiative of the city government of Valenzuela.
(Caption by Darylle Evie Mae C. Catabay; Photo by Francisco S. Gutierrez)