71 Pass 2020 Special Bar Exams for Shari’ah Courts

March 9, 2021

Seventy-one out of the 654 examinees or 10.86% passed this year’s Special Bar Examinations for the Shari’ah Courts, the Supreme Court, through the Office of the Bar Confidant (OBC), disclosed today.

The top ten passers are: Mocsir, Mohammad Hisham M. (87.075%); Saidamen, Ramayana D. (86.975%); Marangit, Mohammad Mojib D. (85.075%); Paglala, Julamin A. (84.625%); Pumbaya, Ainah M. (83.525%); Ali, Sittie Ainah M. (83.200%); Mamarungas, Nasihah S. (82.075%); Abubacar, Johari C. (82.025%); Panandigan, Raima P. (81.100%); and Taha, Nornisah M. (80.950%).

Court of Appeals Justice Japar B. Dimaampao is Chair of the 2020 Committee on the Shari’ah Bar Examinations, with the following examiners: Atty. Melchor Rey K. Sadain (Persons, Family Relations and Property), Dr. Asnawil G. Ronsing (Jurisprudence [Fiqh] and Customary Laws [Adat]); Dean Norhabib Bin Suod S. Barodi (Procedure in Shari’ah Courts), and Dr. Jamel R. Cayamodin (Succession, Wills/Adjudication and Settlement of Estate).

Justice Dimaampao said that the 2020 Special Bar Exams for Shari’ah Courts “will go down in history as the second lowest passing percentage.” The lowest was in 1983 when only 14 passed or 7.69%. The Shari’ah Bar exams were held on January 19 and 26, 2020 at the Court of Appeals Centennial Building, Maria Orosa Street, Manila.