March 16, 2021

1. Pangilinan, et al. v. Cayetano, et al. (G.R. Nos. 238875, 239483, and 240954)

In a unanimous decision penned by Associate Justice Marvic M.V.F. Leonen, the Supreme Court dismissed the Petition questioning the unilateral withdrawal for being moot and academic. 

The decision acknowledged that the President, as primary architect of foreign policy, is subject to the Constitution and existing statute.  Therefore, the power of the President to withdraw unilaterally can be limited by the conditions for concurrence by the Senate or when there is an existing law which authorizes the negotiation of a treaty or international agreement or when there is a statute that implements an existing treaty.

The decision noted that in this case, there were provisions in a prior law, Republic Act No. 9851, which were amended by the Rome Statute.

The Court also noted that the judiciary has enough powers to protect human rights contrary to speculations raised by the petitioners.

2. A.M. No. 00-5-03-SC (Re: Proposed Revised Rules of Criminal Procedure [Rules 110-127, Revised Rules of Court])

The Court today considered a proposal to require the use of body cameras for law enforcers who will execute warrants to be issued by the trial courts. A Resolution will be drafted which will be further considered soonest.

3. Appointment of the New Clerk of Court En Banc

Atty. Marife M. Lomibao-Cuevas is the new Clerk of Court En Banc, vice Atty. Edgar O. Aricheta who will retire later this month.

The actual decisions/resolutions relative to the above mentioned actions of the Court will be immediately uploaded in the SC Website once they are made available by the Office of the Clerk of Court En Banc.