SC Confers PHILJA Chancellor Emeritus Title to Ret. Justice Azcuna

July 22, 2021

The Supreme Court has conferred the title Chancellor Emeritus of the Philippine Judicial Academy (PHILJA) to retired SC Justice and PHILJA Chancellor Adolfo S. Azcuna for his leadership and outstanding achievements.

Pursuant to A.M. No. 21-06-03-SC-PhilJA, the Court En Banc has approved the PHILJA Board of Trustees (BOT) Resolution No. 15- 2021 dated May 27, 2021, recommending the grant of the said title.

“Acting on the aforesaid BOT Resolution No. 15-2021, the Court Resolved to approve the conferment on Justice Adolfo S. Azcuna (Ret.) of the title ‘PhilJA Chancellor Emeritus’ in recognition, with profound appreciation and gratitude, of his outstanding leadership and significant achievements,” the Court said.

Justice Azcuna was appointed to PhilJA in 2009, the same year when he retired as the 153rd Associate Justice of the Supreme Court. He retired from the Court a second time this year, this time as PHILJA Chancellor.

Under his leadership, PhilJA, the Court’s education arm, kept up with the times by conducting seminars and workshops for justices and judges, as well as court personnel and lawyers virtually during the start of the government-imposed lockdowns because of the threat of COVID-19 pandemic.