Chief Justice Gesmundo at Philippine National Prayer Breakfast

November 24, 2021

Chief Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo talked about the importance of faith as he offered a prayer during the 46th Philippine National Prayer Breakfast (PNPB) held at Kalayaan Hall, Club Filipino, Greenhills, San Juan City this morning.

As guest speaker of the PNPB, Chief Justice Gesmundo encouraged everyone to “Hold on to God’s Promises” when life gets down in a world where there are “broken political promises, broken business promises, even broken promises to yourselves like new year resolutions.”

“I would just like to say simply this ‘When life lets you down, Hold on to God’s Promises.’ When God makes a promise, He keeps it. He has never broken a promise and never will – He follows through,” he said.

The Chief Justice also talked about the importance of being “generous with your time, talent and treasure especially in times that we are experiencing now in this pandemic.” He shared that when an individual is generous, one can “become more like Jesus” and “strengthen one’s faith.” “Every time I give, my faith grows stronger. Every time I give it’s like a muscle; it just gets stronger,” he said.

He emphasized that “God is watching us every day of our lives to see what we do with what he’s given us.” By giving to others, we are giving to God.

He closed his message by saying a prayer to thank God for all the blessings He had given and asked that protection be always upon everyone.

The Chief Justice said that while some may question his authority to speak on faith ― he being not being a priest, pastor, or a minister ― he stressed that he has faith “and faith is a matter of personal experience. So for one who has had his share of ups and downs for not just a few decades, I believe that I may have some conviction to speak on the matter.”

He mused that should his presence be questioned as appearing to be violative of the Constitution, particularly the principle of separation of Church and State, he said that he may “apply some legal reasoning.” The Chief Justice said: “While the Constitution, as a general idea, discourages entanglements between some established religion and government, it allows us the freedom to believe and of association, and the free exercise of our religion. Thus, I am certain that the Constitution does not preclude me, even as Chief Justice, from believing in a God and speaking before this gathering, for in fact, the Constitution itself, in its Preamble, recognizes the existence of, and even invokes a Supreme Being.”

The PNPB was founded in 1975 by Senate President Gil Puyat and Atty. Francisco Ortigas, Jr. The highlight of the PNPB is the annual Prayer Breakfast held towards the end of the year. Previous guests have included local and international religious leaders such as Mother Teresa of Calcutta, as well as former Philippine Presidents and Chief Justices. The PNPB is a prayerful organization which envisions the gathering of a group of national and local elected and appointed leaders committed to join and participate in its Annual Celebration and affirmed, its vision: to come together in the Spirit of Christ; to shape their lives according to the will of God; and to work towards actualizing the reign of God in the Philippines. Its mission is “to pursue a continuous personal conversion according to the teachings of Jesus Christ; to reach out with love to our national leaders so that they may share and meet the challenge of its vision; and to motivate all leaders of the nation to come together in prayer to learn and live the Word of God.” ###