Chief Justice Gesmundo Calls for Continuous Revolution of Legal Education

February 10, 2022

Emphasizing the roles of law schools in the advancement of the legal profession, Chief Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo earlier today challenged the Philippine Association of Law Schools (PALS) Board of Trustees and Officers for 2022-2024 to “strive to make legal education more attuned to the times and the needs of society.”

Speaking before the newly elected PALS Board of Trustees during the latters online oath-taking ceremony, Chief Justice Gesmundo said: “Today, we are at the dawn of a revolution—the revolution of developing a generation of highly competent and proficient, and even more important, ethical, and service-oriented lawyers. While results may take some time to take root, we have at least begun that long process towards achieving this goal. With the Supreme Court, the Philippine Association of Law Schools, and the Legal Education Board working hand in hand, I do not see any reason why this revolution will not succeed.”

The Chief Justice pointed out that the secret to revolutionizing the law profession starts with legal education, and that the mission of correcting an aspiring lawyer’s false impression or expectation of what being a lawyer is all about rests with legal educators. “If we want lawyers imbued with a sense of service and social responsibility, not motivated by remuneration or financial gains, if we want lawyers who would put justice above professional success, without regard to glamor or recognition, and if we want competent and proficient lawyers, we initially look to legal education to inculcate the correct values and give the proper and adequate training and preparation,” expressed the Chief Justice.

Chief Justice Gesmundo likewise stressed the commitment of the Supreme Court to reforms intended to transform the practice of law, citing the developments in legal education and the innovations in the recently concluded digitalized and regionalized Bar Examinations. “We are relying on you, our legal educators, to support and give impetus to our reforms in the other areas of law practice and in the judicial system as a whole,” added the Chief Justice. PALS is composed of 129 law schools around the country. Their mission is to uplift the standards of legal education in the Philippines to meet global standards of excellence. (Photo and caption courtesy of the SC Public Information Office)