April 26, 2022

The Supreme Court, during its En Banc deliberations today, April 26, 2022, denied with finality the motions for reconsideration of its December 7, 2021 decision on the petitions challenging Republic Act No. 11479 (R.A. 11479), or The Anti-Terrorism Act of 2020.

The Court resolved to deny the motions for reconsideration due to lack of substantial issues and arguments raised by the petitioners.

The Members of the Court maintained their votes in their December 7, 2021 Decision, which was penned by then Associate Justice and now Philippine Judicial Academy Chancellor Rosmari D. Carandang. Newly appointed Associate Justice Antonio T. Kho, Jr. sided with the majority.

An entry of judgment was immediately ordered by the Court.

The SC Public Information Office will upload in the SC website a copy of the Resolution denying the motions for reconsideration once available. ###