65th Founding Anniversary of the Court of Tax Appeals

June 7, 2019

Speaking before the Justices and personnel of the Court of Tax Appeals (CTA) on the occasion of the CTA’s 65th Founding Anniversary on June 7, 2019 in Quezon City, Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin emphasizes that service in the Judiciary must always rest upon the recognition of the great value of respect for the Rule of Law in our national life. 

“I urge that we remain focused in our jobs and responsibilities and stay committed and persevering in achieving our common goal of delivering fast and efficient justice to all,” says Chief Justice Bersamin as he underscores that respect for the Rule of Law is the foremost compass as public servants. 

“Our primary role is to serve the people first and foremost. The people expect nothing less. The people deserve nothing less,” stresses the Chief Justice. 

Established by virtue of Republic Act No. 1125 on June 16, 1954, the CTA is an appellate court with jurisdiction over not only civil tax cases but also cases that are criminal in nature, as well as local tax cases, property taxes, and final collection of taxes. It is currently composed of one Presiding Justice and eight Associate Justices who may sit en banc or in three divisions of three Justices each.  (Caption by Darylle Evie Mae C. Catabay; Photo by Francisco S. Gutierrez)