Chief Justice Bersamin Secures Second Lot for Hall of Justice

February 8, 2019

Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin has secured a 1.5 hectare property for the site of the San Pablo City Hall of Justice which will house, among others, the courts, mediation center, server rooms, data center, detainees’ holding rooms, lawyers’ lounge, and seminar rooms. Just late last month, Chief Justice Bersamin flew to Cebu City to witness the signing of the Deed of Donation between Cebu City Mayor Tomas R. Osmeña and Court Administrator Jose Midas P. Marquez for Cebu City’s donation to the Supreme Court of a 1.5 hectare property in South Road Property, Cebu City, for the construction of the Cebu Judiciary Complex. 

Chief Justice Bersamin instructed Court Administrator Marquez to meet with San Pablo City Mayor Loreto Amante and confirm earlier communications about the donation. In the ensuing meeting between Court Administrator Marquez and Mayor Amante, the latter committed to donate a 1.5 hectare parcel of land in Barangay San Gregorio, San Pablo City, for their San Pablo City Hall of Justice. 

The meeting which took place in the courtroom of San Pablo City Regional Trial Court Judge Agripino G. Morga, was witnessed by the San Pablo City judges and members of the San Pablo City Bar Association headed by its President Atty. Ken Javaluyas. Atty. Javaluyas highlighted the need for a new hall of justice appropriate to the current needs of the courts and the legal profession. 

Supreme Court Justice Alexander G. Gesmundo and Retired Supreme Court Justice Arturo D. Brion, who are both natives of San Pablo City, also communicated the need for a new hall of justice to Chief Justice Bersamin. The latter has prioritized the acquisition of the lot and the eventual construction of the new edifice. The Chief Justice has also committed that if the deed of donation will be signed soon; he will have the funds for its construction included in the 2020 budget of the Judiciary so that construction can start by next year. 

At present, San Pablo City has six (6) regional trial courts and another six (6) first level courts. The new hall of justice will also have provisions for newly-created courts.