CJ Bersamin: The Healing Chief Justice

October 14, 2019

“I wished to be remembered as and known as the healing Chief Justice who brought stability and normalcy back to the Judiciary and particularly to the Supreme Court (SC),” says Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin during his retirement ceremony at the SC Session Hall, Padre Faura, Manila on October 11, 2019. The SC En Banc convened to commemorate the retirement from the judiciary of Chief Justice Bersamin. The Chief Justice received tokens from the members of the Court which included the Philippine flag, SC flag, SC pin, SC timepiece, SC seal, SC pen, SC ring, Book of Decisions, brass shingle, Statuette of Judicial Excellence, judicial robe, gavel, and Plaque of Recognition.

The Chief Justice also took the opportunity to thank present and former co-workers in the Judiciary, from his days in the Regional Trial Court and the Court of Appeals up to his stint in the SC, his relatives, fraternity brothers, friends from his alma mater University of the East, and friends from the Judiciary and the Academe, and all others who had contributed to his success. Appointed on November 28, 2018 as the 25th Chief Justice, he would have served as Chief Magistrate for a total of 324 days by the time he compulsorily retires from service on October 18, 2019. His judicial career spans a total of 32 years, 11 months, and 12 days. (Photo and caption courtesy of the SC Public Information Office)