CJ Bersamin Bids SC Officials and Employees Farewell

October 14, 2019

“Continue doing your assigned tasks and work, but please be constant in your loyalty to the Judiciary as our institution, and be steadfast in your fealty to the letter and spirit of the Constitution and to the Rule of Law,” Chief Justice Lucas P. Bersamin tells Supreme Court employees and officials who joined him in his last official flag-raising ceremonies as Chief Magistrate at the SC courtyard in Faura, Manila on October 14, 2019. His official tenure ends by midnight, October 17.

In his message, Chief Justice Bersamin says that he feels “a deep sense of personal satisfaction, no regrets. This is because your steady support and willing cooperation have made my life as a member of the Court and as Chief Justice much less burdensome.”

The Chief Justice thanked his lawyers and staff at the Office of the Chief Justice (OCJ), the Rollo Room and the Public Information Office whom he says he has “nothing but praise” for their “consistency and perseverance.” He also expressed his gratitude to all other offices in the High Court for all their support and assistance with special mention to the Philippine Judicial Academy, the Judicial and Bar Council, the Mandatory Continuing Legal Office, the Office of the Court Administrator, the Office of the Clerk of Court En Banc and the Division Clerks of Court, Medical Services, Office of Administrative Services, and Fiscal Management and Budget Office.  (Caption by Annie Rose A. Laborte; Photo by Francisco S. Gutierrez)