Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio’s Attendance to his Last Official Flag Ceremony

October 21, 2019

Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio thanks and bids farewell to his colleagues, as well as to Supreme Court officials and employees, for their unselfish support during his 18 years as magistrate of the highest court of the land.

“It was a very long journey allowing me to write 935 full-blown decisions, 79 dissenting opinions, 30 concurring opinions, 13 separate opinions, and four concurring and dissenting opinions, leaving no backlog,” says SAJ Carpio during his last official attendance to the SC flag ceremony at the SC frontyard this morning.

Appointed to the SC on October 22, 2001, SAJ Carpio reaches the mandatory retirement age of 70 on Saturday, October 26. (Caption by Annie Rose A. Laborte; Photo by Jordan H. Carinan)