Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio’s Attendance to his Last Official Flag Ceremony

October 21, 2019

Senior Associate Justice Antonio T. Carpio receives from SC Justice Marvic M. V. F. Leonen a Plaque of Recognition signed unanimously by the SC En Banc during today’s flag ceremonies at the frontyard of the SC New Building in Manila.

SAJ Carpio retires on October 26 when he reaches the mandatory age of 70. By then, he shall have served the SC for exactly 18 years.

Reading from the three-page Plaque, Justice Leonen says: “His advice resonates among us: follow the rule of law but also seek and aspire for the rule of justice whenever there is a gap between the rule of law and the rule of justice.” He adds: “Unquestionably, he lived a life of courage that all other justice of the Court now or in the future should emulate….His opinions reflect the consistent scholar: clear, erudite, strategic, and always with a perspective towards insisting on a just result that should benefit the Filipino people.”

SAJ Carpio leaves the Court with zero backlog of cases. To date, he has written 935 full-blown decisions, 79 dissenting opinions, 30 concurring opinions, 13 separate opinions, and four concurring and dissenting opinions. (Courtesy of the Supreme Court Public Information Office)