CJ Peralta Reminds New Psychologists and Psychometricians of The Importance of Psychological Services to Public Welfare

December 17, 2019

Chief Justice Diosdado M. Peralta delivers his Keynote Speech during the 2019 Oathtaking Ceremonies of Newly Registered Psychologists and Psychometricians at the Philippine International Center in Pasay City on December 17, 2019. He reminded the 205 new psychologists and 6,800 new psychometricians of the importance of psychological services to public welfare, underscoring that they have a duty “beyond those that you will perform in the interest of your profession.”

The Chief Justice said, “I urge you to use your learned skills in the promotion of health-related issues, specifically in public awareness regarding the importance of mental health. We live in a time wherein mental health, which has, for the longest time, hounded by social stigma, has become a crucial national concern”.

“May this event serve as a platform for you to commit yourselves to better your profession by becoming paragons of excellence in the practice of psychology,” Chief Justice Peralta concluded. (Caption by Annie Rose A. Laborte; Photo by Francisco S. Gutierrez)