JBC Accepting Applications for LEB, Judicial Posts

January 3, 2020

The Judicial and Bar Council (JBC) has announced the opening/reopening, for application or recommendation, of the positions of the Chairperson and regular members of the Legal Education Board (LEB), as well as judges in various judicial regions.

The term of LEB Chairperson Emerson B. Aquende and Regular Member Zenaida N. Elepaño (Representing the Integrated Bar of the Philippines) both ended on January 13, 2019, while that of Regular Member Abelardo T. Domondon (Representing the Ranks of Active Law Practitioners) and Regular Member Catherine P. Pedrosa (Representing the Law Students’ Sector) will end on January 13 this year.

Likewise, the JBC announced vacancies in courts in various judicial regions, as well as Judges-at-Large, who may be temporarily assigned by the Supreme Court as Acting or Assisting Judge to any of the lower courts as public interest may require and for such length of time as may be determined the Supreme Court.

Interested applicants must visit the official JBC website (www.jbc.judiciary.gov.ph) and access the Online Application Scheduler for details. 

Full text of the JBC announcement: