This Month in History



– Hon. Manuel G. Araullo is appointed as 3rd Chief Justice in 1921

– The Labor Code takes effect in 1974

2 – Proclamation No. 845, s. 2019 declares November 2, 2020 as an additional special non-working day

4 – The Sedition Law is passed by the Philippine Commission in 1901 (Act 292)

6 – The Court of Land Registration is established and a new notarial system is instituted in 1902 (Land Registration Act)

9 – In 2002, the Court’s 74th Associate Justice and its 11th Chief Justice, Hon. Querube C. Makalintal, passed away.

11 – Spanish surnames for Filipinos are decreed by Governor General Narciso Claveria in 1849

– The first election for local officers and eight senators under the Republic is held in 1947

13 – The Supreme Court issues A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC or the Efficient Use of Paper Rule in 2012

15 – The Commonwealth Government is inaugurated in 1935

– The Rule on Violence Against Women and Their Children takes effect in 2004

– In 1947, the Supreme Court holds that under the 1935 Constitution, aliens may not acquire private or public agricultural lands, including “residential lands” in G.R. No. L-630 (Krivenko v. Register of Deeds)

18 – The Office of the Court Administrator is created in 1975 (PD 828)

19 – Chief Justice Felix V. Makasiar retires in 1985

20 – In 1915, the Court’s 85th Associate Justice and 14th Chief Justice, Hon. Felix V. Makasiar, was born.

– Hon. Ramon C. Aquino is appointed as 15th Chief Justice in 1985

– In 2003, the Court’s 110th Associate Justice and 17th Chief Justice, Hon. Pedro L. Yap, passed away.

23 – The Amended Rules of Procedure for Small Claims Cases take effect in all first-level courts except the Shari’a Circuit Courts in 2009

27 – In 1989, the Court’s 82nd Associate Justice and 16th Chief Justice, Hon. Claudio S. Teehankee, passed away.

28 – Hon. Lucas P. Bersamin is appointed as the 25th Chief Justice in 2018

29 The Revolutionary Congress approves the Malolos Constitution in 1898


– In 1928, the Court’s 112th Associate Justice and 19th Chief Justice, Hon. Andres R. Narvasa, was born.

Chief Justice Andres R. Narvasa retires in 1998

– Hon. Hilario G. Davide, Jr. is appointed as 20th Chief Justice in 1998