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Recent Decisions

Photo release


Summary Report of Filed SALN of the Members of the Supreme Court

2018 Special Bar exam for Shar'ah courts

A.m. No. 02-8-13-SC

A.M. no. 15-04-06-SC

Financial Liquidation and Suspension of Payments Rules of Procedure for Insolvent Debtors (215)

B.M. no. 850

Re: Rules on Mandatory Continuing Legal Education for Active Members of the Integrated Bar of the Philippines

A.M. no. 12-11-2-sc

Guidelines for Decongesting Holding Jails by Enforcing the Rights of Accused Persons to Bail and to Speedy Trial


Proposed Rules on E-Filing & Proposed Rule for the Efficient Use of Paper
A.M. No. 10-3-7-SC / A.M. No. 11-9-4-SC

Featured Rule

The 2010 Rules of the Presidential Electoral Tribunal
A.M. No. 10-4-29-SC

A.M. No. 12-12-11-SC

A.M. No. 12-8-8-SC

This Month in History


1 - The Philippine Bill of 1902 is enacted by the US Congress

- The Rules of Court are promulgated to supersede the Code of Civil Procedure (Act 190) and the Code of Criminal Procedure (General Orders 58) in 1940

- In 1918, the Court’s 110th Associate Justice and its 17th Chief Justice, Hon. Pedro L. Yap, was born.

- Intellectual Property Courts and Commercial Courts are consolidated into Special Commercial Courts in 2003

- Hon. Victorino M. Mapa is appointed as 2nd Chief Justice in 1920

- Hon. Marcelo B. Fernan is appointed as 18th Chief Justice in 1988

2 - In 1960, the Court’s 169th Associate Justice and its 24th Chief Justice, Hon. Maria Lourdes P. A. Sereno, was born.

- Hon. Enrique M. Fernando is appointed as 13th Chief Justice in 1979

4 - Philippine independence is recognized by the United States in 1946. Manuel A. Roxas and Elpidio Quirino are sworn into office as President and Vice-President, respectively, of the new Republic of the Philippines

8 - The Supreme Court convenes its first session in 1901

9 - Hon. Manuel V. Moran is appointed as 7th Chief Justice in 1945

10 - Delegates to the Constitutional Convention are elected in 1934

15 - Bar Matter 1161, reforming the Bar examinations, takes effect in 2004

In 1936, the Supreme Court rules that the Electoral Commission is “the sole judge of all contests relating to the election, returns and qualifications of the members of the National Assembly” in G.R. No. L-45081 (Angara v. Electoral Commission)

16 - The SC sponsors the Summit on Extrajudicial Killings and Enforced Disappearances, upon the initiative of Chief Justice Reynato S. Puno, in 2007

17 - The Supreme Court implements the Hustisyeah reform project in Quezon City in 2013

18 - The Judiciary Development Fund is established in 1984 (PD 1949)

- In 1999, the Court’s 111th Associate Justice and its 18th Chief Justice, Hon. Marcelo B. Fernan, passed away.

24 - Chief Justice Enrique M. Fernando retires in 1985

25 - In 1915, the Court’s 80th Associate Justice and its 13th Chief Justice, Hon. Enrique M. Fernando, was born.

- Hon. Felix V. Makasiar is appointed as 14th Chief Justice in 1985

26 - In 1924, the Court’s 15th Associate Justice and its 3rd Chief Justice, Hon. Manuel G. Araullo, passed away.

30 - The General Election for the First Philippine Assembly is held in 1907

- The Constitutional Convention is assembled with Claro M. Recto as President in 1934

31 - The Spanish Civil Code is introduced in the Philippines in 1889



Civil and criminal procedure forms


Judicial Cases Administrative complaints against personnel of the SC and its decentralized units. Administrative complaints matters involving the CA, SB, CTA and lower courts, its justices, judges and personnel Administrative matters involving the SC and its decentralized units. Complaints against lawyers and other bar matters

International Conference on the training of the judiciary


BAR 2018



RULES of civil procedure

The Art, Process and Practice of Oral Argument Before the SC

enhanced justice on wheels

Manila Bay Clean Up Update


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